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They bring life into our interiors, and create the link with the outside, plants are a major asset in the design and decoration. Today, with the need for a return to nature that is becoming stronger, fashion is the accumulation! Green plants largely invade our homes which sometimes become real urban jungles, like the pages of the book “Urban Jungle: decorate with plants”written by Judith and Igor , the creators of the plantissime account Instagram Urban Jungle 

And to bring color to your favorite plants, Plant Stand and Hexagon Plantpot are also available in green, gray, blue or white.

Where To Buy An Eames Chair At The Best Price? Sun, 03 Sep 2017 06:32:42 +0000 If like me you are fans of the famous chairs of the Eames couple, you have certainly already asked the question: where to buy an Eames chair at the best price?

Beyond the question of choosing the shop, the real question is: what kind of Eames chair would you like to buy? If you answer this second question, the answer to the first one will come very easily. There are four main types of Eames chairs:

  • 100% original chairs (with shell, base, shock mounts and vintage screws)
  • Semi-original chairs (with antique shell and new base)
  • Chairs reissued by Vitra in Europe and Herman Miller or Modernica in the USA
  • Copies that are unofficial reproductions

Before going into the heart of the matter, if for you DAX, DAW, DAR, RAR, DSX, DSW, DSR … it’s gibberish, I propose a small revision with the image below which takes the models the most common (there are many more, you can find them on the excellent Eames Designs website )

The chairs Eames 100% original

A collector’s item very rare and expensive! On such a chair everything is vintage: the shell (fiberglass), the base, shock mounts, screws. The cheapest of all are the DSS and DSX that you will find from 150 €. For a DSW, the price varies from € 600 to € 900 depending on its condition (shell, base, shock mounts, label), its year and the rarity of its color. For a DAW it is necessary to count between 600 € and 1200 € for a very rare PAW (feet which pivot) Post Zenith edition between 1800 € and 3000 €. For a RAR the most iconic model the price will depend on the edition between 3500 € and 9000 € for a Zenith, between 3500 € and 6000 € for a Post Zenith between 900 € and 2000 € for a Herman Miller, and 800 €

To know the year of a chair it is necessary to refer to the label present under the shell. 
All hulls are easy to date between 1954 and 1972, the ones that are found are generally from 60 to 70. In France they were distributed by Mobilier International who affixed its logo. The hulls of the 50s are easily differentiated, the design is slightly different and the fiber thickness is much greater.

1. Logo Zenith, the holy grail for all collectors. Produced from 1950 to 1952. Only these editions are particularly popular because they include the famous tower in Europe edge (hemp rope at the edges of the hull). No hull is the same because the manufacture is artisanal.

2. Post Zenith or Zenith 2nd generation. Produced only a few months from the year 1953, they have all the characteristics of the Zentih without the Europe edge. It is very rare to find them again with their label. The artisanal manufacturing process was soon abandoned for mass production no longer including large shock mounts, and the fiberglass is less and less present over the reissues Herman Miller.
3 & 4. Herman Miller classic with the logo molded in fiber produced from 1954 with often the label taking the patents. The logo molded in the fiber is a characteristic of the American hulls.
5. There are Herman Miller hulls that were also produced in Canada. The main feature: the Herman Miller typo which is different.
6. Herman Miller hulls produce in Europe. In addition to the label the chairs have the Herman Miller logo on the shock mounts.

7. From 1972 to 1989 Vitra published fiberglass chairs. Below is the label of a very rare 1972 version where Herman Miller produced the chairs and Vitra broadcast them. Then there were other logos (I do not have photos).
8. Then the latest productions of fiber chairs by Vitra (picture of a 1989 hull).

Because of its very high price (except for DSX and DSS), a 100% original chair is intended for collectors or design lovers … who do not count!

Advantages: collector’s item 100% original with a story
Disadvantage: very high prices, hard to find in good condition, very fragile for a Zenith edition

The semi-original Eames chairs

This type of chair certainly represents 95% of the market of the Eames “period” chair, it is the chair that is generally found in antique shops. This is an original shell (fiberglass) mounted on a new base (either directly with a base Vitra or Herman Miller, or a copy more or less happy). The shell usually comes from old DSX chairs, models prevalent at the time but whose legs are less popular than the famous Dowel (wooden legs) or Eiffel.

It can also be a DSS shell (very common since used in large numbers in classrooms, party halls …) but beware, the DSS of American origin have more muted shock mounts at the front and in the back, this assembly is called “wide” in opposition to the “narrow” assembly. The fact that the shock mounts are further apart makes that the general design of the chair will not be the same as for a “narrow” assembly. This difference may not be important for you but for a collector it is. At the time the “wide” hulls were only mounted on “scholastic” bases, a “wide” montage on a Dowel or Eiffel basis is therefore a heresy for a collector since it has never been marketed.

Also note that a shell without side armrest on a rocking chair base is a model that has never existed, but that is regularly found in antique shops …

The only models that have existed with a side chair on a rocker base is the RKR model (more often called Bikini) pictured below. A very rare 1951 model will cost almost as much as a Zenith.

Junddo, Made To Measure Furniture Thu, 24 Aug 2017 06:37:44 +0000 Arthur and Xavier created the furniture brand Junddo in early 2016, with the aim of reinventing custom-made products. For this, Junddo designs and manufactures furniture to the centimeter, in France, from quality materials. The young publishing house also wants to be transparent about its manufacturing costs and its margin, this information is available in the manifesto of the brand.

Hello Arthur, can you introduce yourself? 
Hello Freg, my name is Arthur, approaching slowly, but surely in my thirties. I grew up surrounded by artisans in an area where the forest and nature have their place. Completely melted in Parisian life for ten years, I enjoy this inspiring environment as much as possible.

How was Junddo born? 
Junddo is above all the fruit of a common desire, that of Xavier and myself, to invest our time in a project that fits us perfectly. We are training engineers both, passionate about technology and design. Two years ago, Xavier returning from abroad wanted furniture that fit his apartment, but the offer was unaffordable! In the manufacturers themselves, we realized that we were able to solve an impossible equation: to make custom furniture in beautiful materials, in an affordable way. From one thing to another, we have developed the concept, surrounded by designers and manufacturers who share our values: quality, design and local manufacturing. Junddo was born!

How is your range composed? 
At present, we have a unique product. This is a piece of furniture for storing vinyl records and platinum. Designed around the use, it is a well thought out creation, with a neat but sober design, which allows the material to express itself, with great freedom for the customer to choose the perfect version for his needs. It is possible to choose the width to the centimeter, and several types of wood.

Where can we find it? 
Our products are available on . In addition, it is possible to see and touch our vinyl furniture in Paris in several places where it is exposed, in record stores and Hi-Fi stores: Soundtracks , Retrofutur , Audio Presence Board , Betino’s record shop . In each place, an atypical atmosphere with always golden people!

Where are your furniture made? 
This is one of Junddo’s key points. For us, it did not make sense to have made-to-measure furniture unique for thousands of kilometers. The manufacturing starts only after the order. We work with a fantastic carpentry located in the Vosges, which has existed for more than 40 years.

What are your plans for Junddo?
They are numerous ! We are in an intense phase of creation and design. Our collaboration with Philippe Riehling the Designer Range, continues with two coffee tables visible in preview on our website. The first is called Samiel, it was published a few years ago by the Edito in birch plywood. We worked to propose a model this time only in solid wood. The second coffee table is called Dyname. It is completely tailor-made with storage spaces. It will be possible to vary all its dimensions. In parallel, we are in the process of making prototypes of two models of solid wood shelves. They wonderfully put the subject forward and we look forward to sharing the first visuals soon.

COD Furnitures, Customizable Scandinavian Spirit furniture Thu, 10 Aug 2017 06:44:34 +0000 Created in Tourcoing at the end of 2015 by Mathieu Fort, the COD Furnitures brand designs and manufactures furniture with lines inspired by Scandinavian furniture from the 1950s.

Hello Mathieu, can you introduce yourself? 
Hello Freg, my name is Mathieu Fort, I’m 34 years old, and I’ve been a design lover for years. I always had this desire to draw furniture. I started by making some sketches, then 3D and it is finally by confronting my creations to my entourage and to the experienced designers, by collecting very positive opinions, that the envy came to me to produce them and to propose them to the greatest number.

How was COD Furnitures born? 
I imagined my first collection starting from the observation that the Scandinavian aesthetic is based on the simplicity of the forms, the authenticity of the materials and a very particular balance in the proportions. The challenge was therefore to design furniture that had both their own style but clearly marked them in the Scandinavian current of the 50s. The difficulty: find the ideal proportions. It is with the help of today’s technologies and especially 3D printing, and the creation of many miniature prototypes that we have determined which would be the perfect lines. I also wanted to allow our customers to appropriate my designs to include them in their decorations. The idea of ​​customization came naturally!

How is your range composed? 
I released this first collection at the end of 2015. It consists of two rows (180 cm and 130 cm), a sideboard, a desk, a coffee table and a bedside table. I presented my first Scandinavian collection at Maison & Objet in Paris in September 2016. We received very positive feedback. This year, I collaborated with a Lille designer on a new model. It is a modular shelving system, inspired by the famous design of the 50’s. I present it at the International Furniture Fair (IFFS) of Singapore this month.

Where can I find COD Furnitures furniture? 
On our website , and recently, you can discover us at the shop Bô-M , in the old Lille. We are working on developing our network of reseller partners.

Modern Canopy Bed for Adult And Child Bedroom Sun, 25 Jun 2017 06:51:34 +0000 The canopy bed invites itself into the adult and modern child’s bedroom! Long reserved for romantic decoration influenced by the vintage style, today the canopy bed adopts a modern aspect.

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In wood or metal, in a design or home-made model, it inspires us and offers us a thousand interesting room decoration options. We invite you to discover them with this collection of images! If you are like us, you will probably find that

the modern canopy bed has an irresistible charm.

In fact, the adult and child bed models below are anything but ordinary. And since they are designed to meet the latest home décor trends, we take them by category, depending on the type of room they best match. So here is a practical guide that will inspire you to select the ideal modern canopy bed model for your indoor space!

A modern canopy bed for adult room in light tones

Among the trends in adult bedroom decorations, there is, first of all, that of light shades. Associated generally with natural surfaces, it is intended for those who dream of creating a haven of peace and relaxation. To be associated with this type of decor, the modern canopy bed takes on shades similar to those that dominate the interior space.

No wonder then that these modern canopy bed models are characterized by curtains and light mosquito nets in white fabric. Rarely thick, these fabrics fall freely around the bed to create a mystical corner around the sitting area.

Elsewhere, they are attached to rods fixed directly to the ceiling of the adult’s bedroom. So that’s an easy idea to make a modern and cheap canopy bed!