Kitchen – Home Improvement Blog Just another WordPress site Wed, 31 Jan 2018 11:45:35 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Kitchen – Home Improvement Blog 32 32 Vintage Kitchen Stop The Time Mon, 30 Oct 2017 03:57:05 +0000 Like this pendulum without needles, make a decorative break in your vintage kitchen outside time … Close your eyes and smell! Open your soul to memories through the smells of wood, wax and canvas! Let your fingers run to discover the materials! Taste this decor in the spirit of flea in a sensory way!

Like a face marked by time, rich with memories engraved forever … Discover this furniture and accessories animated by the warmth of memories. Soft nuances, living materials such as wood and fabrics, unalterable materials such as metal and stone, the delicate delicacy of porcelain and crystal will make you jump in time.

Let yourself go to find memories buried in this kitchen with a country-style face. It will speak to all of us.

A return to childhood

For memories of childhood, holidays, gleaned from your classical readings … Do not hesitate to open your interior to objects of yesteryear. Whether with discreet touches with accessories or more markedly with antique furniture, create a warm atmosphere. You will be transported to a serene dimension where the mad rush of hours freezes. This will give way to the gestures of the past and the daydream …

A snack with the family

Prepare on this table a tart apples just picked. During cooking, let yourself go to daydreaming in this small armchair, your feet installed on this footrest …

When you get up, cross your eyes in this mirror with unusual shapes and replace a strand of your hair … Then put on your table these sets in pistachio green linen.

Enjoy your pie in this beautiful white porcelain that will honor your culinary gifts …

Share this simple snack with the family in 
the warmth of your home … The afternoon stretches, the minutes are as slow as frozen. You enjoy this time for you, finally found