Painting – Home Improvement Blog Just another WordPress site Wed, 31 Jan 2018 11:45:35 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Painting – Home Improvement Blog 32 32 How To Paint Stripes On A Wall? Fri, 05 May 2017 04:07:21 +0000 It’s very trendy and much easier than putting (or removing!) Wallpaper: painting stripes on a wall. If you choose your colors well, the shine is guaranteed.

What kind of stripes to paint?

Horizontal stripes to visually enlarge a room
Photo credit: Elle Décor

Vertical stripes to create an illusion of height
Photo credit: Meghan Dockendorf, This Old House magazine

A single strip of stripe to highlight a fireplace, a piece of furniture or a painting
Photo credit: Marie Claire House

Stripes stripes of the same color but in different finishes (alternating matte and lustrous, for example). This creates a very chic texture effect on the wall that looks like wallpaper.
Photo credit: Norm Plate, This Old House magazine

How to do ?

– With a tape measure, determine the desired width of your stripes

– Mark the dimensions of the scratches in various parts of the room

– Use a level to connect these marks. Then draw perfectly straight lines in pencil

– Put the adhesive tape on the border of the lines previously drawn. There is paint tape in the hardware store. In Quebec, it is green.

– Make sure that the tape is perfectly glued (by flattening it for example with a credit card). There should be no bubbles left because the other color could go underneath and sink.

– A little trick to prevent the color from getting under the ribbon: iron on the border of the ribbon with the color of the bottom. Let dry. Then paint your contrasting color over it. Two layers!

– Remove the tape when the second layer is dry to the touch and before it is completely dry … otherwise the tape could tear off the bottom layer

– Admire the result and retouch as needed

To not forget !

– Paint your lightest color on the entire wall first and let your layers dry well before painting your darker stripes

– If you are painting stripes over an already existing color, make sure you have the original color to be able to retouch

– Paint with a roller rather than a paintbrush to have an even finish