COD Furnitures, Customizable Scandinavian Spirit furniture

Created in Tourcoing at the end of 2015 by Mathieu Fort, the COD Furnitures brand designs and manufactures furniture with lines inspired by Scandinavian furniture from the 1950s.

Hello Mathieu, can you introduce yourself? 
Hello Freg, my name is Mathieu Fort, I’m 34 years old, and I’ve been a design lover for years. I always had this desire to draw furniture. I started by making some sketches, then 3D and it is finally by confronting my creations to my entourage and to the experienced designers, by collecting very positive opinions, that the envy came to me to produce them and to propose them to the greatest number.

How was COD Furnitures born? 
I imagined my first collection starting from the observation that the Scandinavian aesthetic is based on the simplicity of the forms, the authenticity of the materials and a very particular balance in the proportions. The challenge was therefore to design furniture that had both their own style but clearly marked them in the Scandinavian current of the 50s. The difficulty: find the ideal proportions. It is with the help of today’s technologies and especially 3D printing, and the creation of many miniature prototypes that we have determined which would be the perfect lines. I also wanted to allow our customers to appropriate my designs to include them in their decorations. The idea of ​​customization came naturally!

How is your range composed? 
I released this first collection at the end of 2015. It consists of two rows (180 cm and 130 cm), a sideboard, a desk, a coffee table and a bedside table. I presented my first Scandinavian collection at Maison & Objet in Paris in September 2016. We received very positive feedback. This year, I collaborated with a Lille designer on a new model. It is a modular shelving system, inspired by the famous design of the 50’s. I present it at the International Furniture Fair (IFFS) of Singapore this month.

Where can I find COD Furnitures furniture? 
On our website , and recently, you can discover us at the shop Bô-M , in the old Lille. We are working on developing our network of reseller partners.