Cozy Korner, The Furniture That Turns Into An Office

Cozy Korner is a new French publisher offering furniture with the particularity of turning into an office. With its bipolar creations, the brand offers a solution to two growing trends: the reduction of the surface area of ​​housing in the big cities, and the work at home. In “On Work” mode you will appreciate the intelligence of storage, connectivity and working comfort of the Cozy Korner furniture. In “Off work” mode, the workspace is transformed into a table, a library, a sideboard, a sideboard or a wall box.

They bring life into our interiors, and create the link with the outside, plants are a major asset in the design and decoration. Today, with the need for a return to nature that is becoming stronger, fashion is the accumulation! Green plants largely invade our homes which sometimes become real urban jungles, like the pages of the book “Urban Jungle: decorate with plants”written by Judith and Igor , the creators of the plantissime account Instagram Urban Jungle 

And to bring color to your favorite plants, Plant Stand and Hexagon Plantpot are also available in green, gray, blue or white.