Decadent Visit Of A House With Scandinavian Airs At The Water’s Edge

Since April, I present video capsules on interiors filled with good decor ideas cheap. They are shot by , although there is not necessarily furniture from this great online furniture store in the interiors we visit. M2Go has just embarked on my trip to take you on a journey of decoration in the world of people who know how to make beautiful with creativity and a small budget. Today, I am particularly proud of the episode we have concocted because I take it as a gift. It was Amelie, a reader of the blog who contacted me saying that she had just finished renovating her little house in Saint-Ours, on the banks of the Richelieu River. She ended her message by saying to me: “I think you would like it because, say that you inspired me a lot during this long process. It will be our pleasure to make you discover our little corner of paradise if you wish it “. Obviously! And even better: I take you with me! I can tell you that Amélie and her husband Alex inspire me. I’m amazed, it’s beautiful what they did! Watch the video and tell me what you think?

I hesitated a bit to put the pictures below, because I REALLY want you to watch the video rather than scrolling quickly photos. It’s a lot of work to make a video like this. Vincent from M2Go and I put a lot of energy into it, not to mention the time that Amelie and Alex have so kindly given us. I must confess to you in all sincerity that if the number of views is not large enough, well we will not be able to shoot others. And I want to continue so watch the video!

If I put the photos to you, it is to summarize you the good ideas and allow you to pin them on Pinterest.

A white Scandinavian interior with walls and floors painted white

A swing hanging in the living room

A dining room furnished with recovered objects or found on classified ads

Open and practical IKEA kitchen with well organized storage

The bedroom under the attic

You did not see it because we ran out of time to show you everything in the video!

A bucolic exterior by the river

A wooden path with rope ramp manufactured by the owners

And now I have a quiz question for you! Find out in the cutest video I’ve ever seen, hanging on the front door of their house. It scrolls quickly in pictures but it did not escape me …

You have to know that Alex, the owner is an amateur fisherman. He fishes every day at the end of his platform when he comes home from work and brings in some nice catch. Is not it the dream like life? The #slowlife in all its splendor.

A huge thank you to Amélie and Alex for having us so warmly received in their little corner of paradise. And thanks again to M2Go for making these capsules.

Did you like this little house at the water’s edge as much as I did? What did you prefer?