Decorate Your House And Save Space

To decorate one’s house is good. Optimize the layout of the latter is even better! First, it allows a better organization. It will also give the impression of larger, clearer pieces. And finally, who says more place says more decor! And a better valuation of the latter. It would be a shame that the decor is eclipsed by a concern for disorder. In addition, you can integrate storage spaces. It can even create decorative objectsmore. For example, storage boxes are very practical. But honestly, often very unattractive (which can therefore deter to use). It’s very easy to remedy that. If you have a wooden or stone decoration for example. There are big stickers in DIY stores that mimic these materials. Cover in your boxes and voila!

Decorate your house by optimizing space

There are almost always empty spaces that you do not think of at home. This is the time to use it to optimize your storage. Quit to tinker a little! This allows you to decorate your housemalignant! The space probably the least used: under the stairs. Even the stairs themselves. Indeed, besides the storage boxes, you can transform the stairs. How? By using them as drawers! The space under the stairs can also serve as office area, play area, etc … You can also use your doors. There are more and more storage pockets. This can serve as a tote, or to store the accessories of the room. Bathroom or kitchen for example. Another easy idea to optimize an existing space? Divide your drawers into boxes. You can store a lot more in it!

Combine business with pleasure

To decorate one’s house is not only aesthetics. It can also have a practical aspect. For example, a towel holder that can be used to hang clothes. Recall the theme of the piece on its ends as seashells for the marine theme. This dresses the object while staying in your theme. It does not even look like it’s storage. Use a cart in the kitchen. This will unpack your work plans. Whatever storage tool you use, never forget the skin. In this way you can turn it into a decorative object (and a practical shot). This is called joinder the useful to the pleasant!