Decorate Your House With Rangolis

Decorating your house in India is almost always done with rangolis.
These are drawings made with colored powders most often.
We use less flowers and paint but it is also done. The drawings can range from the greatest simplicity to remarkable complexity.
Traditionally, rice flour was used. But today, most powders seem to be chemical in nature.
Rangoli is a tradition that persists everywhere, but even more so in the villages.
Indeed, in large cities, it is not always easy to practice it. Especially when living in an apartment.
First of all because it is supposed to be drawn on the outside. It is not obvious in a building!
However, it can be done inside your home too.
Second, because more and more women are working, they have less availability.
But the tradition is still alive.
Especially at major holidays like Diwali, the festival of light.

What is the meaning of decorating his house?

Rangoli is a Hindi word (one of the many languages ​​of India).
It is composed of raang, which means color, and aavali, become oli, which means row.
Other names are attributed according to the regional language. In the south, they are called kolams for example (Tamil word).
Traditionally, rangolis are performed by women.
There are reasons that are passed from mother to daughter.
They are supposed to be executed in the morning, before the other members of the family get up.
Because of their complexity, some patterns may require more than an hour!
In addition, women often realize them without support. We can only admire their technique!
This is another peculiarity of rangolis: their finesse of execution.
Try to practice and you will see that it is not so simple!
Protection and luck, it deserves! Because that’s the meaning of rangolis.
Decorate your home by bringing luck, happiness and protection to the home.

How to reproduce them?

All you need is a little material to draw a rangoli.
Colored powders are indeed the main ingredient.
Although tradition dictates that they be performed by a show of hands, you can get help.
There are nowadays stencils adorned with traditional motifs. But nothing forces you to choose an Indian pattern to make your rangoli!
Decorating your home with rangoli can take many aspects!
In addition, by choosing the drawing you can adapt it to all themes. Just pour the powders on the stencil to form the drawing.
Some beautiful traditional designs are dreaming. But we advise you to start with simple and small drawings. This so as not to discourage you.
Over the tests you will master the technique and make it more and more beautiful.
Guaranteed effect for your guests!