DIY Guide to Polished Concrete Tables

Concrete furniture looks good and is very smooth to use. They are preferred as they are cheap to make. The polished concrete tables can be made without much specialized tools and can transform the look of your office and home. The interesting fact about these tables is that they can be made DIY with minimum know how and following the instructions only.


Tools Needed To Make A Polished Concrete Table:

First of all decide on the size of the table. Cut a mould with the help of a circular saw:

  • Trowel and Small shovel to mix the concrete
  • Drill and circular saw
  • Bolt cutter and screw drivers
  • Sand paper

Supplies for concrete making-Depending on the size of the polished concrete table the concrete will be required. The ready mixes are available at the stores which are made in right consistency and work fine. Some amount of cement will be needed. The Melamine wood sheets can be cut in strips to the size of the table that you wish to make. The Melamine sheets are available in 4 X 8 size or smaller size as per your requirements. The ideal size for a coffee table is normally 2 foot by 4 foot.

DIY Concrete Table

First decide the size of the table that you wish to make. With the help of circular saw, you can cut the bottom out of Melamine sheet to make a mould. You would need to cut some stripes of the Melamine sheet which will work as the border of the bottom piece. Now you can assemble the sides using screws. This should be done very neatly and evenly. Now you have a mould ready in which concrete can be poured. A caulk gun is used now to make the surface smooth. A painters tape can also be used for this purpose. Remove all the extra caulk with the help of paper napkins to make it neat looking. You can also rub some alcohol with a towel to make sure that all the mould is clean properly cleaned. Let the whole thing dry for a while. The reinforcement is always cut leaving one inch on each side.

Polished Concrete Table

How To Make Concrete Mixture For The Polished Concrete Table

The concrete mixture is very simple to make. Pouring some water in the tub before pouring the concrete mix will help in minimising the dust. You must use a dust mask for making concrete mixture. Keep mixing water and concrete to come to the right consistency.

  • If you wish to add any colour, you can do so now. Wear your rubber gloves and start putting the concrete in the mould. Make sure that the concrete is spread smoothly. You can further straighten the concrete with the help of a straight piece of wood. The thickness of the concrete should be level. Vibrating the concrete is an important step here.
  • If there are any air bubbles inside, they get removed by vibrating. You can vibrate by hitting in the bottom of the mould with a hammer.
  • The bottom should also be flat. You should let it dry for three to four days before taking out the concrete top. All the drywall screws should be removed first.
  • Be careful not to touch the concrete with the screw driver or the chisel. Soften the edges of the piece with the help of sand paper. Some bug holes may be found in the concrete. These bug holes can be filled with a paste of Portland cement.
  • Fill any other areas that also needs fixing. Application of some sealer and wax will bring a layer of sheen on the concrete. On a coffee table use of caulk is recommended.

So heres the complete guide to DIY polished concrete tables.