Home Staging: Tips From An Interior Designer To Sell Your Apartment Or Your Home

MaTVimmo.com , partner of Challenges.fr interviewed Laurent Dublanchy, interior designer . He gives you his advice to better sell your property.

Before organizing visits, it is better to put the odds on your side with “home staging


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Home staging makes it possible to create an atmosphere conducive to sales and to provoke a crush on the first visit! The more the interior presents a catchy visual, the more the number of visits increases. The selling price will be less negotiable, if it is more justified. And all this at a lower cost because the goal with home-staging is to optimize your interior by making the most of what you already have.

At first, it is necessary to clean and repair everything that might be subject to negotiation. Then you have to unclutter and refit to open the space. It is also important to harmonize colors and volumes and to depersonalize as much as possible so that the prospective acquirer can project more easily. Finally, highlight the assets of your property.

Attention, it is essential to also look after the exteriors. Indeed, if you present a cozy and welcoming property but your terrace looks like a storage room and your garden is like a jungle, or even a garbage dump, you risk to curb the enthusiasm of the potential buyer. The less the purchaser will have development and beautification work to do, the more he will be inclined to sign.