How To Revamp Your Interior Through Painting?

We have been fortunate for some years to have super-adherent paints that can repaint everything: tiles, furniture, floors … and all this without much effort according to the manufacturers. But is the reality as rosy as the promises? Here are my feedbacks in this area.

Let’s admit that new-generation paints are very tempting to revamp a piece of furniture, a kitchen or a bathroom. It is now possible to paint tiled or melamine. These products are perfect for small budgets or to improve a home before putting it on sale. However, the result is not always up to expectations.

Here are some tips to make your job easier

Despite the ease of use announced, these products require careful preparation. Certainly it is not really necessary to strip the support before application but the support must be perfectly clean and degreased. To facilitate membership, I recommend you to read the technical manuals of manufacturers and to respect them to the letter. Do not hesitate to go even a little beyond. For example, you can lightly sand fine melamine or pass a primer even if it is not indicated to ensure the result.

Also respect drying times before use, even go beyond for a wall tile in a shower.

Be sure to use the appropriate tools. Depending on the product and the manufacturer, the tools are different. The quality of the result depends on it.

Also be aware that not all brands are equal. I have already had problems with some products and none with others. Before buying, consult the opinions left by the consumers.

I have also found from experience and consulting different opinions that often the consumption of paint is greater than indicated on the packaging. For a tile for example, I had to apply 4 layers instead of 2 to get a good result. The bill was a little saltier than expected!

If you want to relook a piece of furniture, I will say that everything depends on the use of this piece of furniture. If it is very solicitous as a table, I advise you rather a traditional method with a good stripping to ensure the result in time. Ditto for a kitchen worktop for example. This advice is also valid for floors such as parquet.

To repaint wall tiles, three solutions can be considered

Repaint the tile directly with a “direct tiling” paint.

Use a colored resin. The range of colors is less important for this type of product.

Lay a specific underlay that will allow better grip. It is better in terms of holding and allows to choose the color that you want.

For wall tiles, if it has relief, remember that it will remain visible.

That’s it, knowing that a wise man is worth two, it’s up to you now to play with your brushes! Give free rein to your imagination and find the right chords of colors and materials to sublimate your interior.