Junddo, Made To Measure Furniture

Arthur and Xavier created the furniture brand Junddo in early 2016, with the aim of reinventing custom-made products. For this, Junddo designs and manufactures furniture to the centimeter, in France, from quality materials. The young publishing house also wants to be transparent about its manufacturing costs and its margin, this information is available in the manifesto of the brand.

Hello Arthur, can you introduce yourself? 
Hello Freg, my name is Arthur, approaching slowly, but surely in my thirties. I grew up surrounded by artisans in an area where the forest and nature have their place. Completely melted in Parisian life for ten years, I enjoy this inspiring environment as much as possible.

How was Junddo born? 
Junddo is above all the fruit of a common desire, that of Xavier and myself, to invest our time in a project that fits us perfectly. We are training engineers both, passionate about technology and design. Two years ago, Xavier returning from abroad wanted furniture that fit his apartment, but the offer was unaffordable! In the manufacturers themselves, we realized that we were able to solve an impossible equation: to make custom furniture in beautiful materials, in an affordable way. From one thing to another, we have developed the concept, surrounded by designers and manufacturers who share our values: quality, design and local manufacturing. Junddo was born!

How is your range composed? 
At present, we have a unique product. This is a piece of furniture for storing vinyl records and platinum. Designed around the use, it is a well thought out creation, with a neat but sober design, which allows the material to express itself, with great freedom for the customer to choose the perfect version for his needs. It is possible to choose the width to the centimeter, and several types of wood.

Where can we find it? 
Our products are available on junddo.com . In addition, it is possible to see and touch our vinyl furniture in Paris in several places where it is exposed, in record stores and Hi-Fi stores: Soundtracks , Retrofutur , Audio Presence Board , Betino’s record shop . In each place, an atypical atmosphere with always golden people!

Where are your furniture made? 
This is one of Junddo’s key points. For us, it did not make sense to have made-to-measure furniture unique for thousands of kilometers. The manufacturing starts only after the order. We work with a fantastic carpentry located in the Vosges, which has existed for more than 40 years.

What are your plans for Junddo?
They are numerous ! We are in an intense phase of creation and design. Our collaboration with Philippe Riehling the Designer Range, continues with two coffee tables visible in preview on our website. The first is called Samiel, it was published a few years ago by the Edito in birch plywood. We worked to propose a model this time only in solid wood. The second coffee table is called Dyname. It is completely tailor-made with storage spaces. It will be possible to vary all its dimensions. In parallel, we are in the process of making prototypes of two models of solid wood shelves. They wonderfully put the subject forward and we look forward to sharing the first visuals soon.