Modern Canopy Bed for Adult And Child Bedroom

The canopy bed invites itself into the adult and modern child’s bedroom! Long reserved for romantic decoration influenced by the vintage style, today the canopy bed adopts a modern aspect.

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In wood or metal, in a design or home-made model, it inspires us and offers us a thousand interesting room decoration options. We invite you to discover them with this collection of images! If you are like us, you will probably find that

the modern canopy bed has an irresistible charm.

In fact, the adult and child bed models below are anything but ordinary. And since they are designed to meet the latest home décor trends, we take them by category, depending on the type of room they best match. So here is a practical guide that will inspire you to select the ideal modern canopy bed model for your indoor space!

A modern canopy bed for adult room in light tones

Among the trends in adult bedroom decorations, there is, first of all, that of light shades. Associated generally with natural surfaces, it is intended for those who dream of creating a haven of peace and relaxation. To be associated with this type of decor, the modern canopy bed takes on shades similar to those that dominate the interior space.

No wonder then that these modern canopy bed models are characterized by curtains and light mosquito nets in white fabric. Rarely thick, these fabrics fall freely around the bed to create a mystical corner around the sitting area.

Elsewhere, they are attached to rods fixed directly to the ceiling of the adult’s bedroom. So that’s an easy idea to make a modern and cheap canopy bed!