Planning A Child’s Room Tips From A Specialized Interior Designer

Baby arrives: how to arrange her space? Difficult to find your way among the multitude of inspirations, desires, colors, equipment offered to young parents in search of the perfect room. Other questions arise if it is a second child: can we put both in the same room? How to share it?

We asked all these questions to Mathilde Abeel, interior designer and mother herself of two children. Founder of Ma petite décoration and speaker at Rencontreunarchi, the platform that connects individuals with specialized architects, she gives us tips and tricks to make your child’s room a real cocoon!

Changing table, bin, crib … the essential equipment in the nursery must be practical. How to reconcile practice and aesthetics in a child’s room?

This is the very principle of design, to combine aesthetics and functionality. Today designers do not hesitate to work on the extension of their range of furniture to fit the smallest. Even the most basic and functional furniture can be easily customized, if you want to give them a personal touch of decoration: for example, I often advise to paint the bars of a raw wooden bed of a color coordinated with the walls of the bedroom, which immediately gives it a design side.

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What are the conditions for a child to feel good in his room?

I often say that a child’s room is a bit like his house: everything has to be adapted to his age and his needs, even if he has to rethink the decoration regularly according to his growth. Do not hesitate to sort often toys or toys with which the child no longer plays and easily clutter the space! I advise especially not to overload the room with too much furniture, and to favor low furniture, at its height.

A room for two, what pitfalls to avoid? Tips to share so that everyone finds his place?

It is important that each child can have his own world, even if he shares his room, and especially around the place where he sleeps: his own bedside table and a night light already allow him to mark his space. The center of the room, however, is conducive to the common area, for games, reading, relaxation … so you can opt for a central mat or cushions, which will also be useful to parents for the history of the evening, for example. As a professional, I often see parents embarrassed to put their children in the same room, but in reality they are more than the children themselves! I think on the contrary that it is a chance for two children to share the same room, they develop memories and often a real complicity.

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How do you work with parents when developing a child’s room?

Usually, I make a first appointment at the home of parents, to have a first approach to their tastes. We then establish together the list of their needs as well as their desires, and if the age of the child allows it, I propose to participate. Based on all this I adapt the project to the space dedicated to the room and their budget. A book is then given to the client taking the project that we validated together. He has the choice to continue the work (painting, floors, etc …) with the agency. This allows him to apprehend his project in all serenity because it is we who ensure the smooth running of the site in collaboration with artisans carefully selected for their expertise.

Of course I adapt to the wishes of parents, but I am also there to advise them, help them find the style of decoration that best suits them. Many people want to make their interior a frozen picture from a decoration magazine, which is never totally possible especially with children. The work of the interior designer is important to make them aware that their lifestyle, their daily needs, will also determine many things in the project.

What would you say to our future mom readers who are preparing their baby’s room?

To trust their instinct! And make this room a place where she feels good. To conceive of it as a reassuring and soothing cocoon, as close to what the baby has known during the 9 months of pregnancy. Later, as the child grows up, they will develop memories and appropriate space for themselves, making them unique.