Romantic Home Decoration, Tenderness And Sweetness

A romantic home decoration is above all softness and poetry. So we will bet more on pastel colors and rather cold colors. We forget about the sun yellow, the scarlet red or the Outremer blue. We must opt ​​for softer colors. Beige for example, pink or pale blue, off-white or gray. First because they evoke all the sensitivity of the theme. Then because they can adapt to everything. Whether it is furniture, decorative objects or linens. You have a wide choice to make a successful decor. The ideal color is to match a color with a neutral tone. For example, on a beige sofa, opt for a gray linen or in shades of light brown.

What accessories for a romantic home decoration
To create a romantic mood, use nature. Flowers arranged in a vase on a dresser for example. Some suitable flowers may be the rose of course. But also lilacs or lilies. Or branches laid in a vase “tube” on the ground. Another idea is to play on the light with different types of lighting. She must be warm and discreet. You can use pretty tealights with romantic prints like birds. The candles immediately give a romantic atmosphere. A beautiful candlestick on a table is a nice effect. Other objects can also give a poetic atmosphere. A pretty alarm clock, or a book nonchalantly placed on a pedestal, etc. In terms of materials, linen and cotton are to be preferred. Rattan is also very popular for a romantic home decoration.

Romanticism, but where?

Although romance is a nice theme, not all rooms in the house are ideal. The bathroom for example, does not lend itself necessarily. A romantic home decoration gives a feeling of timelessness. We want to stop there and settle down for a moment. As a result, the lobby may not be the best room either, since it does not stay there. Prefer instead to bet a romantic decoration in 3 rooms: the room, the living room, and the terrace or the balcony. These are the places most conducive to daydreaming and the sweetness of romanticism!