Swimming Pools And Decoration Are The Stars Of The Holidays

swimming pools and decoration Classic or contemporary, XS or family version, the pool the dream of everyone for their home … However, in recent years, the favor of architects rather goes to a new form of pool renamed for the occasion “swim lane “. Swimming pools all in length, thought initially for swimming enthusiasts, but have since attracted followers of a design architecture, including outdoors. Not to mention that these achievements slip easily into even the narrowest spaces, especially in the city. Inspiring selection of these exceptional pools to combine aesthetics, sport and pleasure.

Swimming pools
This reinforced concrete basin, lost in the middle of the countryside, emphasizes the rustic charm of the adjoining stone buildings. A multitudes of styles succeeded thanks to the use of natural materials, like the borders and the beach. The equipment is not left out: sand filtration, submerged shutter, heating by heat pump and projector. A realization of swimming pools and superb decoration .

integrate the pool in a garden

Thanks to its heat pump heating system and counter-current swimming, this 22 x 4.5 / 2.25 meters flat-bottomed swimming pool, equipped with a submerged shutter, can be used from the first rays of sun … Favorite for the stones and the stone beach of the Perigord that run along the wooden fence. A realization The pool spirit.

wood and swimming pools and decoration

Perfectly integrated in its environment, this aluminum sports pool, dressed in a pool of gray wood, serves as an aesthetic link between the house with contemporary architecture and the exotic garden. The detail to borrow: the slate gray liner. Superb realization.

the indoor pools

The solution to enjoy the swimming lane all year long? Betting on an indoor and outdoor pool, installed for example partly under a glass roof, like this achievement Caron Pool. Also works with a telescopic shelter.

Highlight the existing architecture

This rectangular pool plays an ultra-contemporary look in homage to the style of the adjoining villa, with its light gray liner, bricked corner staircase, concrete surrounds and teak deck. Special mention for the design furniture that plays the card of an in & out layout. Beautiful achievement.