The Deco Trends Of This Summer 2017

the deco trends have been decidedly focused on the natural. And what’s more natural than plants? You have already seen on the blog as they can be decorative allies.
Although asking for maintenance, do not hesitate to bet on it this summer.
 First of all, you bring gaiety and color. And summer lends itself particularly!
 Then you have the choice. Exotic plants, endemic plants, colorful flowers … there is everything. You are spoiled for choice.
 Finally, even if you do not have a green thumb, do not panic! You still want natural plants? Opt for succulents! They combine ease of maintenance and beautiful aesthetic effect.
This trend is also combined at the level of materials. Again, go for the natural. Linen for the linen. Rattan for furniture. And cork for decorative objects!

Make yourself the trends Summer deco

We keep talking about it and it’s not for nothing. DIY, do it yourself, has indeed never been so trendy!
Make yourself some elements of your decor. Since it is YOUR nest, you can follow your desires. What’s more gratifying when you see the finished object? And yes, when we are no longer children, the effect “I did it” is still there! There are just a few small principles to follow to give you a boost.
 First, do not hesitate to consult deco tutorials. You will find some on the blog. They will guide you step by step. Often, it is much less difficult than it looks so we do not get discouraged!
 Then equip yourself. Creativity and talent help, but it’s hard to replace good equipment. We advise you to invest in solid and quality material that lasts in time.
As they say sometimes, the cheap is always too expensive. Because you will quickly take taste and practice often! Because the last secret is practice.
Train as much as you can and do not give up! You will be rewarded for your efforts!

Some trendy materials

In addition to natural materials, some materials are on the front of the stage.
To begin with velvet. Because it immediately gives an elegant and classy touch. However, because of its thickness, it is not recommended in curtains. It would block the light indeed!
In contrast, a velvet pouf has all its charm. To be in the trend of summer, choose a soft green, or a yellow pineapple.
Another star material this summer: marble. You have the choice of the hue. White purified or colorful and colorful. Just be careful to avoid overloading. Colored marble and charged deco may be a bit “too much”.
Play on contrasts instead. This summer is the perfect combination of chic and natural!