The Different Types of Garden Sprinklers

Our lawns and gardens will always hold a special place in our hearts. Even if it’s just with nothing but green, or perhaps you’ve added a bunch of flowers to the mix, you’ll always want to take care of them to preserve its natural beauty. The use of garden sprinklers can help you achieve such an objective.

sprinkler control system

A garden sprinkler control system strategically placed around your beautiful front yard, backyard, or perhaps in a landscaping masterpiece will help keep the immediate environment pristine and healthy at all times. You can even use these sprinkler systems for the kids to have fun during the summer. If you’re already considering on purchasing garden sprinklers, then we’re here to steer you to the right path. We’re going to introduce to you the different types of garden sprinklers available on the modern market.

The Circular Garden Sprinkler 

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the circular garden sprinkler throws water in a radius. Some people think that it’s called as such because many models have a circular base. Well, that can also be the case, but it’s mostly because of the way it throws water to your garden. This type of sprinkler system will rotate at a 360-degree angle. The power of which the device throws water depends on a number of factors like the current status of your home’s water pressure. You can also adjust the distance of the thrown water through the system itself. The circular sprinkler system is great for small gardens and landscaped areas. However, you can place multiple models of this sprinkler throughout your garden to maximize the distance of the water that’s thrown.

The Oscillating Garden Sprinkler 

Most oscillating garden sprinkler systems will come with a rectangular-shaped base. Also, many units will have about 10 water holes. These holes will be the starting point where the water flows out. Small gardens or lawns that have very few plants can take advantage of this type of sprinkler system. It’s because it offers flowing water in a straightforward direction. The speed and distance of the water flowing from the base depend on the user and the current water pressure in the area. You can attach the base of an oscillating garden sprinkler to a nearby plumbing system.

The Impulse Garden Sprinkler 

Many large gardens and even golf courses use the impulse garden sprinkler system. It’s because when this type of garden sprinkler is attached to a nearby irrigation system, it can throw water over long distances. Users install the sprinkler heads straight to the ground, and you’ll connect it to a plumbing or irrigation system. The water thrown will freely flow in either a fast or slow pace. Furthermore, the sprinkler will throw water at a 360-degree radius. Think of this model as a more powerful version of the circular garden sprinkler system.

The In-Ground Garden Sprinkler 

If you want the best garden sprinkler because of its utility as it brings a great number of benefits to gardens and lawns, then perhaps you ought to consider installing an in-ground garden sprinkler system. Users or owners of this sprinkler system will connect the sprinkler head to a nearby water supply. Therefore, you can even use a traditional garden hose if you so desire while still making sure that your in-ground garden sprinklers won’t stop functioning. Keep in mind that in-ground sprinkler systems do come into the market with different types and costs. Why is it considered the best? It’s because these sprinklers have built-in sensors. Whenever it detects that your lawn or garden is in need of moisture, it’ll automatically kick into gear.

You can also install a timer function on your garden sprinkler system (if you haven’t already) to minimize instances of manual control. It’ll also do you good to have the accessory because it means you don’t have worry about forgetting to water your precious plants.