The Wooden Wall With Decorative Ideas

With The wooden wall you can dream to take a break in a country house. In the middle of nature or in a wooden chalet lost in the mountain?
Not always easy with our lives and schedules. But never mind, if you can not go to the countryside, then invite the upcoming campaign to you!
How? With a country theme for your home!
As much as you are spoiled for choice: whether you are rather trendy old farm in the Cantal with its stones or mountain chalet and its wooden wall, lots of possibilities are available to you, but there are some essential that will help you give your interior a holiday look in Lozère.
Discover which ones!
Already, whatever the declination of the country theme you choose, opt for natural materials such as wood and stone, and for objects, metal and faience.

The wooden wall

We ban plastic and kitsch! The wooden wall or exposed beams in the same material are ideal, and a beautiful fireplace all stone immediately give the stamp to the room.
If this is not possible because you are in apartment, then bet on accessory embellishments such as curtains, trinkets, antique furniture, etc …
You will find real treasures in flea markets and garage sales so do not hesitate not to go there.
And if you feel the tinkering soul is perfect: a few hours to retype an old buffet are worth it and give your interior an authentic country touch.

even in baskets. Many flowers may be suitable, wildflowers, daisies, carnations, etc … also think of adding ears of corn, which add a natural touch and country.
Photophores to put on furniture are also a good idea to decorate them, or inside a birdcage, itself decorated with flowers.

The colored wood wall

Side color, you can opt for the traditional checkered tablecloth, which is still its effect for example.
Sheers also have their place. Hanging on a rustic pine rod with steel rings or tied with a light fabric.
These will be the most beautiful effect in your living room or your room. In your kitchen, opt for a pair of white lace breeze seen from Calais.
Many choices are available to you. And what’s more romantic than a bundle of wheat decorated with a ribbon hanging on the wooden wall in your living room.
A braided basket with a judicious mix of flowers and wheat stalks.
Not to mention the good old rocking chair and its pillows lined with lace that crosses the ages. It will do the most beautiful effect at the corner of the fireplace.
Come relax and just take the time to dream